Sunday, October 30, 2011

Terra Nova, TV’s most expensive series ever

It's being billed as television's most expensive series ever made and
everything about this show is B-I-G.

Before filming of its two-hour pilot episode even began, "Terra Nova"
had already racked up $10 million in costs. The pilot alone is
estimated to have cost somewhere up to $20 million.

Subsequent episodes are being budgeted at $4 million each. The last
time any pilot was this expensive was the multiple Emmy Award-winning
"Boardwalk Empire" directed by Martin Scorsese, which cost $18 million
back in 2009.

Helmed by none other as Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg,
"Terra Nova" is a cross between "Avatar", "Jurassic Park" and

The premise of the 13-episode series is simple: In the year 2149,
Earth has been so completely polluted that humans have to breathe
through an air filter.

In an attempt to "reboot" human history, mankind's only hope for
survival is to travel 85 million years back in time to a colony called
"Terra Nova"and where dinosaurs still reign supreme.

The show's central character is ex-cop Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara), a
devoted father with a chequered past, who is forced to guide his
family through this new world of limitless beauty, mystery and terror.

Adding intrigue to the show is the presence of a splinter group of
colonists with a secret agenda.

However, critical reception to the show's U.S. debut has been mixed.

Some have lauded the series' big-budget cinematography as gorgeous and
the CGI of the dinosaurs, in particular, as visually stunning. They
also praise its Hollywood movie-like production values, calling the
show "literally the biggest thing on TV this fall."

Other critics, however, were not so kind, saying the series' main
fault lies in the cheesy, corny script between the characters.

Regardless, whether the series will be renewed for a second season,
only time will tell: it's either going to be a mega-expensive flop or
a ball-out-of-the-park, smashing success.

The TV series was picked up straight to series with a 13-episode order
and will premiere in Singapore on 29 October at 8.55pm on FOX (StarHub
Channel 505) and FOX HD (StarHub Ch 558).

Watch the trailer below.

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