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The Hit List - Bars with Best Views in Singapore


These Singapore bars serve up more than just a good cocktail

Thanks to the recent additions of the Marina Bay Hotel and the
Singapore Flyer, Singapore bars with sky-scraping rooftop are
understandably all the rage these days. However, acrophobes will be
glad to hear that they don't need to go scaling 60 levels to enjoy a
great view along with their drinks. You don't even need to hang around
the CBD area.

We offer up five bars with the most alluring views in Singapore,
including everything thing from the city's staple sky-scraping rooftop
hubs to seaside cocktails.


No self-respecting " The best Singapore bars with a view" list would
come without the inclusion of 1-Altitude.

Perched at 282 metres (63 levels) off the ground, 1-Altitude is
currently Singapore's highest rooftop bar, and consequently, home to a
bird's eye view of the surrounding skyscrapers as well as an
unobstructed view of the glittering Marina Bay enclave. Thanks to a
combination of stunning views, a stylish crowd and smooth tunes,
1-Altitude has quickly become one of the favourite haunts of the suits
and well heeled from nearby offices.

Tip: When you're here your phone will often receive signals from
Malaysia and sometimes Indonesia, so avoid phone usage lest you get a
nasty surprise in your next phone bill.

Find out what bars - other than 1-Altitude - made our list of best
rooftop bars in Singapore.


Lantern, the rooftop bar of the seven-storey Fullerton Bay Hotel is
proof that you don't need to go traipsing up skyscrapers to enjoy a
great view. In fact, the bar's rustic charm, accentuated by the
bespoke outdoor vintage-inspired cabanas and luxuriant greenery, and
anchored by a sparkling blue pool, makes for a picturesque view that's
just as captivating as its surroundings.

The bar's prime waterfront spot also makes it an ideal location to
catch the sea breeze whilst nursing a cold beer at the end of the day.

See our video recap of the DBS Black Top party at Lantern over the F1 weekend.

LeVel33 Microbrewery

Make your reservations early, or be left out of LeVel33. No, LeVel33
isn't one of those places that demand reservations months in advance,
it's simply that popular, and once you get in it's easy to see why.

The Singapore bar's 33rd level spot offers diners panoramic views of
brilliant sunsets and twinkling night skies. The venue's full-length
glass windows ensure that even those sitting indoors get a taste of
the "high" life, but it's the outdoor spots that are truly coveted.

Views alone aren't enough for a bar to survive on; here the excellent
craft beers (brewed in-house) and a menu of well-executed bar bites
match the cityscapes.

See our review of LeVel33's new-and-improved menu. LeVel33 was also
picked as one of our favourite after-work bars. Click to see who else
made the list.

Prive Waterfront Bar

This sleek al fresco bar located on Singapore's only privately owned
island, Keppel Bay, may not be the most convenient location for
drinks, but those making the trip to Prive Waterfront Bar are rewarded
with stylish resort-style décor and beautiful waterfront views.

The bar's good-looking crowd comes faithfully for the great bar food
and drinks, in particular, the eclectic cocktail menu, which features
more than 30 unique cocktails specially concocted by venue's top
mixology team.

Tanjong Beach Club

Although crystal clear waters and sandy white beaches are things
usually reserved for beach holidays, at the ultra-luxe Tanjong Beach
Club, you can almost see yourself in Maldives as you lie back on your
lounge sofa next to the sparkling pools. People migrate here to relax
and take their pick from Tanjong Beach Club's extensive menu of
delicious cocktails and upscale bar fare.

By sunset, the view here are even more breathtaking, and smooth dance
beats give beachcombers and sunbathers a little taste of beachside
tranquillity, a rare luxury in Singapore.

See our other picks for best beachside bars.

Head over to for full details on the Singapore bars
with the best views in Singapore.

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