Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hyo-min Clarifies T-ara's "Attitude Problem"

..18 Oct – Current leader of Korean girl group T-ara, Hyo-min, has
decided to clarify the controversy surrounding the group's
disrespectful attitude that arose while performing at an event,
according to allkpop.

For the uninitiated, earlier on 14 October, a netizen on an online
community board had written about her disappointment with T-ara, "They
came to perform at a festival in Woori, and all they did was laugh and
chat on their own while lip-syncing. Their mouths didn't match up to
the words at all and they really didn't care for the performance."

The netizen continued, saying that the youngest member, Ji-yeon, was
merely staring at the floor while Qri was looking disinterested with
the MC's speech. This was not the first time for Ji-yeon as she also
faced criticism earlier for her performance in the KBS '7080 Concert'.

In her Twitter, Hyo-min clarified, "For our "Why Are You Like This"
performance, there are gestures we'll make where it looks like we're
talking to each other. That is a part of the choreography. For "Roly
Poly", we tried to make the stage look as fun as possible by laughing
and playing jokes on each other. It's a part of the performance. I
think those things have caused such a misunderstanding."

She continued by expressing the group's gratitude towards their fans,
and promised to work hard to live up to their expectations. Hyo-min
finishes with, "Please don't misunderstand us."

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